Famous Short Hairstyles

Hairstylists are always trying to find that new and exciting new hairstyles.With so many of them having already been tried and modified,it’s a bit hard to find something that is completely new.But with some imagination and great hair products,the tried and true short hairstyles can still work for you.It’s just a matter of finding the one that suits you the best.



Short hairstyles for the women in India have turn out to be well-liked with hairstyle trends of well-known celebrities such as Halle Berry and Lisa Rinna.Contemporary bridal hairstyles are even found in a lot of short hairdos.Many celebrities have started famous short hairstyles just by getting their own hair cut in a certain way. In the 60’s, the model, Twiggy, had her own unique hairstyle as well as her signature stick figure appearance, and don’t forget those eyes with painted in lower lashes. Many teenage girls and young adult women immediately set about copying not only Twiggy’s haircut but her eye makeup as well.

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